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Mountain Bouldering the Sierra

This summer we’ve started mixing bouldering with mountain climbing. It sounds like a strange combo until you get up there on the ridge tops, and then, everywhere you look there’s a rock to climb over. Wills and I had warmed up with a traverse over Hurd Peak, Trapezoid Peak then along to Mount Goode. The [...]

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New River Rendezvous

“Heck yeah!” I responded, “I’m in!” This year was the 10th anniversary of the New River Rendezvous and I’d been asked by Petzl and Evolv if I would attend. As I continue telling people, the “Vous,” as it is fondly known by locals, is one of my favorite climber festivals.   The New River Gorge, [...]

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El Diente LR 094

El Diente, Mexico

Preparing to leave home for a two month trip always feels like a whirlwind event for me and Wills. With four of us in our growing family, the days of fitting all of our worldly possessions into the back of a pick-up truck are long gone. We certainly do not want to be accused of [...]

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