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Mountain Bouldering the Sierra

This summer we’ve started mixing bouldering with mountain climbing. It sounds like a strange combo until you get up there on the ridge tops, and then, everywhere you look there’s a rock to climb over. Wills and I had warmed up with a traverse over Hurd Peak, Trapezoid Peak then along to Mount Goode. The [...]

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New River Rendezvous

“Heck yeah!” I responded, “I’m in!” This year was the 10th anniversary of the New River Rendezvous and I’d been asked by Petzl and Evolv if I would attend. As I continue telling people, the “Vous,” as it is fondly known by locals, is one of my favorite climber festivals.   The New River Gorge, [...]

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El Diente LR 094

El Diente, Mexico

Preparing to leave home for a two month trip always feels like a whirlwind event for me and Wills. With four of us in our growing family, the days of fitting all of our worldly possessions into the back of a pick-up truck are long gone. We certainly do not want to be accused of [...]

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Little River Canyon Bouldering, Alabama

Southern Sandstone

I just got this really cool edited video piece from Andrew Kornylak that will give you a little taste of some of the amazing climbing that the southeast US has to offer. Who needs to go to Fontainebleau in France for immaculate sandstone, when you can find the same right here in Tennessee, Alabama and [...]

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Happy Boulders Highball Recipe

Recipe for a great day of highballing:   Temperature: All climbing Area “Ovens” are unique. For the Happy Boulders “Oven”: Not to cold and not to hot!   Ingredients: 1 Crew of motivated friends. 1 crew=6 climbers 1 Day of good weather. Good weather=crystal clear blue skies and warm temperatures 1 Fun climbing area. For [...]

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